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RC Custom Paintworks receives 2020 Denver Paint Contractors award.

30 years of experience

Exterior Maintenance and Renovation

Whether you’re painting or staining, RC Custom Paintworks combines experience, attention to detail, and the right paint and stain materials to restore the beauty and value of your home or building.

Highly qualified team

Interior and Exterior Painting

We have the trained staff, equipment and knowledge to get the job done right. For over 30 years, Denver has trusted its commercial, residential, and light industrial projects to RC Custom Paintworks.

Satisfaction guaranteed

Experienced, Professional Painting

When it comes to customer service, there’s no substitute for experience. You’ll notice the professional quality of our work, both inside and out, on Denver residential, commercial and light industrial projects.

Schedule today

Free Painting Estimates

Set up an estimate on your painting project. Whether you’re making new construction feel like home, or restoring the beauty of an historical residence, we’ll bring experience and expertise to your project.

Trusted Professionals

Commercial and Residential Painting

Our work includes businesses, organizations, churches, commercial properties, light industrial facilities and even public spaces, in addition to some of the finest homes in the Denver area.

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Bringing 30 years of experience to your next painting project.


Whether you’re making a newly built home feel like your own, or restoring an historical residence, RC & Son Custom Paintworks has the expertise to deliver the best results.


Learn why so many Denver businesses have come to rely on the RC & Son Custom Paintworks team for the painting and upkeep of their professional environments.

Light Industrial

We combine our experience with the right materials and equipment to enhance the functionality and appeal of your space.


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I recently hired this company to paint my newly remodeled bathroom and to paint the exterior trim on the house. They provided great customer service, competitive rates and did an excellent job in a very timely manner.

by Kathleen O. on 7/19/2015

RC Custom Paintworks was contacted by my Mom’s insurance company following a kitchen fire. I was impressed by the service and work done. It made good sense to call this company for work on a rental property. Ceilings in my home have been done and a full interior paint job is scheduled.

by Georgene J. on 4/13/2015

This company does excellent work and is very professional. Great people to work with. They take time to explain the job process and are very willing to answer all questions. Would definitely use them again.

by Shirley F. on 10/15/2014

RC Custom Paintworks was recommended by a friend and have used them twice for interior painting. They provided exceptional service and craftsmanship both times. We highly recommend them for your next painting project

by Cindy Z. on 2/16/2016

RC Custom Paintworks was recommended by a friend and have used them twice for interior painting. They provided exceptional service and craftsmanship both times. We highly recommend them for your next painting project

by Cindy Z. on 2/16/2016


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Learn what makes RC & Son Custom Paintworks different.

Done on time

It starts with a professional estimate. We look beyond square footage to take in the details and requirements that could potentially cause delay. Based on this assessment, we can give you an accurate estimate of how long your project will take. From there, our experienced team manages your project to deliver on time and to your expectations.

Always avaliable

We work to achieve customer satisfaction every time. Part of that is being there when you need us. Whether we’re providing an estimate within your schedule, or working around your business hours to minimize the interruptions of a large project at your location, we strive to make our services available when they’re needed.

Professional and responsible

You don’t gain 30 years of experience in a business that relies on referrals by being anything short of professional. We hire the best painters in the industry and have each crew supervised by a Journeyman painter. You can expect your project to be skillfully executed with the utmost care and attention to detail. And you can look to our longstanding reputation to give you peace of mind throughout your project.

About us

Customer satisfaction is our guarantee. Contact us today and learn why Denver’s premier residences, businesses and locations trust RC & Son.